JCFamilies: About Them, Events And Community

JCFamilies: About Them, Events And Community

JCFamilies is a volunteer organization located in Jersey City, New Jersey. If you want to learn more about them and the events they put on, then read on. Afterward, you can join them at an event near you.

1. About JCFamilies—The organization was formed in 2010, and since then they have been serving families located in Jersey City and the surrounding area. JCFamilies host events that are designed to bring together families and parents in the community. They also host classes and meetups, as well as online via their website.

As of now, the organization has over 3,000 members of parents who rely on them for resources for things concerning family life and children in the area. Membership is open to the public and it doesn’t cost anything to become a member of the organization. Those who want to become a member can submit an application via their website and then they will review it before approving the applicant for membership.

2. Events—The organization hosts various events throughout the year, and one of the events they recently held is Spooky Terminal. The group transformed the Central Railroad of NJ into a haunted terminal. It is a venue that is kid and family friendly and it featured a magic show, dance party, and a bouncy house.

In November, the group is holding its weekly new mothers and kids meet up. This allows new mothers and their babies to meet other new mothers. Coffee is served there and weekly entertainment is provided to those who attend.

In the past, the group has held celebrations for Indian Independence Day. The event celebrates India’s Independence Day and parents dressed up their kids and everyone had the chance to learn about the country’s culture and its heritage. The event provided kids and parents with fun and a learning experience.

Those are only a few examples of events and venues that JCFamilies have held. They are constantly updating their site about events they will hold in the future. All you have to do is visit their site and learn about future events and when and where they will be held.

3. Community—JCFamilies has community section on their website and it’s where members can post various types of information. For example, parents can post services they are offering, such as tutoring services and members can sell items such as their old strollers and things of that nature. The community is very active, and once you become a member of the organization, you’ll be able to post and reply to other members. The organization does an amazing job at connection members of the Jersey City community.

If you want to become a member of the organization, then you can fill out an application online. Someone will review it and then they will let you know when it’s approved. Once your application is approved, you’ll be able to participate in the community section of their website. Visit their site today and become a member or attend one of their events in the future.

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