Current Trends In Website Design

Current Trends In Website Design

There has been a definite change in the way that websites are being designed nowadays, and the difference is in keeping with what moves consumers to get what they want.

As recently as 3 years ago or so, websites took on a more glamorous direction with lots of moving parts such as flash, videos, lots of action on the screen. It didn’t take long, however, for viewers to quickly tire of all this action, as it kept them from really getting to the point of the site, that is the product or service that they really wanted to know more about.

Each time a viewer went to click a link, of go to another part of the page, an annoying pop-up or video would suddenly block their intent.

Now what we are seeing are website designers NJ and pages that are still responsive but in a more passive way. Gone is all the flash, which makes websites more difficult to load anyway, and in its place in lots of content, describing what the people what to know.

For example, if you go to a website and you want to know more about growing earthworms, today you will find lots of good information, supported by good graphics that illustrate the process. Gone are the huge pictures of worms flashing across the page, etc.

Links are now geared to take people to pages that depict the exact information that the user is looking for, with an easy way to get back to the home page, once the reading of the information is finished. Getting back is transparent and easy to do. Remember the website from hell that makes you guess at the correct link, and none of them seem to work?

There is also more opportunity to contact someone who is a real person and can answer some questions. Have you ever gotten onto a website and there is absolutely no phone number or email address? There are still lots of those out there.

The purpose of a website in today’s environment is to the stabilizer, a foundation that relates to the customer in such as way as to tell the customer that we are going to be there for them. The product we are selling to you is real, and we will prove it to you no matter what, by backing you up.

The website is the ultimate landing point resulting from all of the traffic generating strategies from email, social media, and pay per click ads. All of these elements work together from many different points on the spectrum, culminating to a central point, which is the company website.

A responsive website simply is a website that meets the needs of the people who find it in a way that when they need an answer, they will easily find it at the website. Either through a chat, a help desk, or from information readily available, such as in the content itself.

People are simply looking for information, and the more relevant information they receive, the stronger is your position and your product.

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