Why You Should Consider Switching to Solar Power

Why You Should Consider Switching to Solar Power

There is an increasing awareness of scarce natural resources and our duty towards future generations to preserve them. You can do also do your bit for the environment, as well, when you use solar power for your energy needs.

Using the unlimited energy available from the sun can also save you a lot of money in the long run because it is a resource that is completely free. There is an initial cost for setting up Solar panels to tap the energy from the sun, but this is completely offset by the free power and also a need for very little maintenance. Technologies in this sphere are being constantly upgraded solar cells are being made more efficient, and capital costs for them are being reduced. A number of governments also encourage the use of solar power by giving grants for solar power installations. Utility companies also offer to buy back power when it is not being used by the owner of the installation.

Solar power generation through solar panels does not have any moving parts or other mechanical systems that can wear out or need to be replaced. They are very durable and can last a lifetime, without any need for replacements or repairs. They do need to be kept clear of dust and dirt and need to be cleaned occasionally. Energy from the sun is inexhaustible and will be available on every day. Clouds and bad weather can affect installations, but it is possible to store the energy created in batteries so that the power can be used during night tine or other times when the sun is not shining.

This source of electricity is environmentally friendly because no limited resources like oil, gas or coal are required for producing electricity, as are needed for power stations. Solar power installations can be set up in individual homes, even in areas that are far away from urban centers and not near any source of electricity. The production of solar power also does not cause any pollution and does not involve any machinery that can produce noise.

A solar power installation is normally put up on the roof of a home so that it is constantly exposed to the sun. This installation can also help in the insulation of the home as it would prevent sunlight from directly falling on the roof surface. Electricity bills can be reduced by substantial amounts and this is one of the main reasons for homeowners to look at the alternative of switching to solar power.

The heat from the sun can also be used for heating and this can help to reduce utility bills further. The sun can heat water to a particular temperature and this heated water can be used in boilers that will demand lesser energy for heating to the temperatures required. You need to position solar power panels correctly so that they get the full advantage of the sun shining on them. Installations can be engineered to move with the sun so that the sunlight falls perpendicularly on the panels at all times.

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