Can Gun Safety Courses Enable You to Get Your LTC in Massachusetts?

Can Gun Safety Courses Enable You to Get Your LTC in Massachusetts?

The application process to follow in order to obtain your LTC in Massachusetts in Guaranteed Mass Gun License is not complicated but there are a few requirements you have to meet. It is important to know about these requirements in advance so you can get easily approved for your License To Carry. You will have to complete a gun safety course besides meeting other requirements.

Who Can Apply For An LTC In Massachusetts?
You need to be over the age of 21 and need to be a legal resident of Massachusetts in order to qualify for an LTC. You need to have a clean record and can be denied if you have been treated for a mental illness or if a restraining order has been filed against you. There might be additional requirements you have to meet if a local ordinance is in place in your city or county.

Do You Need To Pass A Gun Safety Course?
You cannot apply without a firearm safety certificate that can be obtaining after completing a course. This course should not take longer than four hours and you will learn some safety rules besides learning more about the application process. You will also get to shoot a firearm at a range.

How Can You Find A Course In Your Area?
It is important to find a course that is officially authorized by the state of Massachusetts. Most shooting ranges offer these courses by gun dealers should also be able to put you in touch with local instructors who offer these courses. You can find a complete list of courses offered in your area by checking the official site of the state of Massachusetts.

What Should You Do After Completing The Gun Safety Course?
You will obtain a certificate once you complete the gun safety course. You can then fill out the LTC application. You will have to share your personal information, explain why you want to obtain your LTC and will have to list some personal references. You might also need to submit your birth certificate or some written reference letters from people you know depending on local regulations.

What Happens Next?
Submit your LTC application with your gun safety certificate at your local police station. You might need to submit your birth certificate and other documents depending on local ordinances and will have to pay an application fee. Your local police department will review your application and perform a background check before issuing your LTC. If your application is denied without a good reason, you have the option of filing for the appeal.

Obtaining your LTC should be a quick and easy process if you understand the requirements you have to meet. You should contact your local police department if you want to find out about requirements that are unique to your city or county and want to ask how much the application is since it varies from one area to another. You should also start looking for a gun safety course in your area.

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